About us

I began my journey in the world of air conditioning, back in 1980. After passing through different companies founded by my father, JAIME CORTADELLAS LLUCH and learning everything I know from him, I decided to found my own company, maintaining it until the year 2008.

In that year I turned my professional career around and I was ready to offer my services as a facility designer, focusing on alternative energies and energy saving. When my client required it, I proceed to carry out the installation, through a company authorized by the Ministry of Industry, offering the client the economic option that best suited his needs and managing the construction. In order to bring my new career to fruition, I had kept up to date in terms of necessary certifications, refresher courses, mandatory cards, necessary hardware to be able to use the best calculation software and design of facilities on the market.

The purpose is always to find the quality of the results, previously studying the needs of my client and their circumstances, in order to carry out the project that best suits their problems and design the installation with the optimum level of performance and maximum comfort, based on the best brands on the market. I get the maximum comfort with innovation and cutting-edge technology, acquiring the maximum degree of responsibility.


Within my management system, a commitment and involvement with the defense and protection of the environment is implemented in all its processes, from the design of the facilities to their completion.

The inalienable commitment to my clients leads me to have as maxims: professionalism, quality, specialization, experience, efficiency.

As a strategic objective of its own, it is the observation and study, beyond rigorous compliance, of environmental and safety regulations in the execution of all works.

Being able to offer a global service facilitates and speeds up control through an integrated management program.

Likewise, and as a social policy, I try to collaborate with institutions and non-profit organizations. By belonging to DESAYUNO DE NEGOCIOS association, I collaborate directly with DYA (holds and helps) in different aid programs for the disabled.